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Lantern - Visual Development Artbook

A uni project to create a 32 page narrative; focussing on interests in Concept Art and Visual Development.
Focusing on cinematic framing and maintaining a heavy importance on composition
through value, colour and light.

I also want to explore and improve on my interest in worldbuilding; developing a
background narrative for the world of this story to exist.

The civilisations of old found Nature to be a mystical and beautiful miracle. It had always captivated the people of these lands. The ways that the flora converted sunlight into energy for growth and production of fruits and flowers; how the subterranian movement and momemntum of the world infleunced weather in such grandure. The mystical awe of Nature’s abilities were ingrained in their societies from early on.
Eventually through further study it was found that Nature was based on an underlying magical structure. The people studied it, analysed it, and learned to eventually manipulate it...