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The Lost Episode - D&D Campaign Animatic

A tonal animatic that I created to replace the lost episode of our Homebrew D&D campaign live-stream & podcast. Re-interpreting the events, condensing a 3 hour live-play session into a shorter narrative.
With assistance from the team on the final script, and voice acting. All artwork done by myself.

Livestream LIVE Saturdays 7PM GMT @
Available for catch-up on Youtube, Spotify and various podcast services.

Full video can be found here:

Video Editing: HalfGayHalfElf & F0xRocket
Art Direction: Fraser Robertson (LostAstronaut)
Script input & voice acting: HalfGayHalfElf, F0xRocket, GaySpaceBandit, Octo_Orchid, Fraser Robertson (LostAstronaut)